Motivated to establish a respectful commitment with our environment and not just for the simple fact of pedalling. Enjoy each of the experiences that the route offers, but above all, be as respectful as possible with it.
Prologue: a new begining
The odyssey
An eco odyssey is a series of chapters that aim to bring you closer to the experiences of Piter and Misha, the protagonists of Soul Mountain, during their self-sufficient travels.
Sustainable awareness
Their main concern is to make a 100% sustainable journey. During the journey they carry out actions in solidarity with the environment, such as reforestation and rubbish collection.
The bike is just a tool
Throughout their travels they carry the necessary equipment to take advantage of all the opportunities the environment has to offer, from their surfboards to their skis.
Their mission
Throughout their experiences they will raise awareness of the importance of minimising their environmental footprint as much as possible and convey their full compatibility with enjoying each experience to the fullest.
Listen to 
the echoes
Soul Mountain is the union between two passions, sport and nature. Their intention is to share their experience during their travels around the world and to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding our environment.
Piter G Padilla
Founder and guide
My priority is to transmit my passion for nature and the activities practiced in them, in order to provide unique experiences in the best destinations in the world for each practice.
Michaela Řehořková
Manager and guide
I am qualified in different sectors of the outdoor world and have a degree in Physical Education and Sports, because it really makes me happy to help others to develop in an activity and to find their way.
MMR and Soul Mountain join forces to travel, explore and enjoy every experience, but, above all, they are committed to continue raising awareness about the importance of care for our environment.