Mahle X20, asistencia hecha para ciclistas

New Mahle X20 available on our Beat and X-Beat models

The new Mahle X20 motor has been designed to provide an unparalleled experience. The perfect combination of power, lightness and adaptability allows you to enjoy a totally natural and adaptive pedaling feeling.


The motor is capable of delivering a torque of 55Nnm from the rear hub equivalent to that of a bottom bracket motor with all the advantages that this entails, lighter, independent of cadence and absence of internal drag without penalizing our pedaling. In addition, it incorporates the new AMC (Automatic Motor Connection) system, facilitating the mounting and dismounting of the rear wheel.


Our models are equipped with the iX2 battery offering a range of about 100kms* with the option of adding an extender to extend this range by another 60kms*.


A focused system designed for high performance bicycles

The set has a weight of 3kgs making it the lightest on the market and offers full adaptability thanks to integrated torque and cadence sensors, which collect information to provide intelligent assistance. The information gathered translates into better response in all possible scenarios.

Your e-bike is now a smartbike

The collection of collected data is only the beginning, thanks to the continuous analysis of these data and their synchronization in the mobile and web applications, a complete personalization is achieved according to the requirements of each user.



*Range is only a rough estimate and is conditioned by assistance, environment and rider parameters.


A new stage in the world of e-bikes

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