(New) Kaizen MMR. Light ebike Bosch Perfomance Line SX


The Bosch Performance Line SX Smart System motor equip our first light ebike MMR Kaizen

A lightweight, sporty motor that combines electric thrust with muscle power, resulting in a completely natural pedalling sensation.

Achieves 340% maximum assistance with a torque of 55Nm  

A state-of-the-art integrated 400 Wh battery. A quick charge of 50% in 1.5 h and a full charge in 3.5h. This system is compatible with the PowerMore 250 range extender (optional), which can be easily attached to the screws of the boat carrier.

The set weighs 4 kilos.

Purion 200

The perfect combination of control unit and display for complete control of your bike. Designed for a quick glance at the display to get the most important information and to be used with just one finger.

Ebike Flow

Get constant updates on your ebike data, record all your activities to share with leading health and fitness apps, customise riding modes and more. All from your smartphone, the easy way.