(New) Adrenaline

NewAdrenaline 5.0: historic milestone in lightness for MMR.

The2024 update of the Adrenaline faithfully respects its origins, although becoming the lightest frame manufactured by MMR in its entire history.

The gross weight figure, before paint, at 800 grams represents a turning point in our manufacturing processes

New Adrenaline combines a standard model with carbon that has a lower modulus of elasticity which responds better in terms of elasticity to vertical loads; while, on the other hand it has a light and rigid model (SL) that seeks to offer better power transfer to the rear wheel without losses caused by deformation.

Nueva Adrenaline 2024 de MMR

Combination of carbon and new rounded tubes

The standard version of the Adrenaline is made entirely of intermediate modulus carbon fibre (Teijin -UTS50-12K). The SL version combines high and ultra-high modulus carbon fibres (Tejin -IMS65-24K and UMS40-24K),distributed and laminated with different orientations, representing 68% and32%, respectively, of the carbon used in its manufacture.

The type of carbon was not the only decision that enabled us to reduce the weight. The new tube shapes, which are more rounded and less voluminous, are part of this reduction. And if we're talking about less volume, we're talking about less frontal area, which improves the aerodynamics of the bike at high speeds.


In terms of geometry, the Adrenaline continues to maintain its G2 philosophy. MMR's commitment to professional cycling with this model has led to a slight reduction in STACK and an extension in REACH, reducing the frontal area of the rider, allowing for positioning which is slightly longer and lower, without compromising on comfort.

Adrenaline retains its very short chain stays for agility and reactivity, and a straight 1.5" steerer that allows the wiring to be integrated internally, offering clean aesthetics while providing the steering structure with greater stiffness. 

Finally, the rear triangle has been updated, leaving clearance for tyres of up to 32mm.A good choice for those looking for comfort and a low rolling coefficient at high pressures. It also incorporates the Sram UDH hanger.


Adrenaline,a bike designed for high competition, which will arrive in stores in the first half of 2024 with 4 mounting options, 2 colours and 5 sizes (XS to XL).