Codagex abre el mercado alemán para MMR

MMR announced that, from January 2024, Codagex will distribute its bikes also in Germany. The Belgian company is now the official distributor of MMR in Benelux.

"Germany has always been underlined in red among our most desired markets and Codagex set out 2024 as the opportune moment for this move. The aim is to intensify our presence in Europe and we have full confidence in the excellent work done by Codagex". Alberto San Martin, Managing Director of MMR

"MMR's positioning perfectly matches the requirements of the German market, both in terms of price range and performance. And not only in the road models, but also in the gravel, mountain and electric ones". Dimitri Leemans, CEO of Codagex

During the last Velofollies in Kortrijk, Codagex and MMR showcased their latest releases, including the new lightweight Kaizen ebike and models for the 2024 season not yet unveiled to end consumers.

Local fans enjoyed the presence of their ambassadors, Óscar Freire, Samuel Sánchez and special guest, Juan Antonio Flecha. The latter, on the new MMR Grand Tour, will take part in the 2024 edition of Transiberica, an unassisted ultra-cycling event.

About Codagex, "Home of the best bike brands".

What started out in 1927 as a small spare parts shop has now become an ambitious specialist and a distributor of the best brands in cycling worldwide.

The name CODAGEX comes from French, an abbreviation of COmptoir DAGence EXclusive, which loosely translated means house of exclusive representations.

Thanks in part to the successes of E. Merckx in the 1960s and 1970s, CODAGEX decided to focus entirely on sports or racing bicycles and the team has never looked back since. With the growing popularity of cycling the future looks bright!