No finish line

The environment and the landscape changes, but not our purpose. On a formal level, the MMR logo, the basis of the identity of our bicycles, does not change, but everything around it is readjusted. Our challenge is to be able to generate our own and more relaxed tone, introducing an evolution into our visual and verbal codes, website and social profiles.


Our intention is to move away from a one-dimensional vision of the brand, giving space, adaptability and personality to each product, executing its own typographic, chromatic or photographic style lines.

We will seek to communicate with you in a specific way, listening to your preferences and trying to give you inspiration to continue pursuing that goal that we will never call definitive.


With these premises, and to inaugurate the new stage of MMR, we travelled to Tunisia to fill our eyes with extraordinary, arid and at the same time generous corners.

A land of a thousand journeys, which alternates hospitality with intense flavours, salt deserts, beaches and oases, the light and dunes of the Sahara, sandy and windy roads, it was the setting for 8 days and almost 2,000km of audiovisual experience for the launch of the new X-Tour model.

The MMR caravan, with the institutional support of Tunisia Tourism, and starting from its capital, reached Mides, Tameghza, Tozeur, Chott el-Jérid, Debabcha Kebili, Douz or Hammamet Sud.


We experienced the value of simplicity, of not always being able to have everything perfectly planned, able to improvise. The desert is inhospitable, but its people never fail to offer a smile to anyone who stops to talk.